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About Campion


Campion School is a boys school, founded on January 20,1943, by the members of the Society of Jesus, a Roman Catholic Religious Order commonly called the Jesuits. The Founder Principal was Late Fr. Joseph Savall S.J. The School began its career in a rental ground floor at 45 New Marine Lines with just 23 children, but as the year advanced there were 70 boys on the rolls. Campion School shifted its quarters to its originally intended premises at Wellesley House in January 1948. In 1956, Campion attained the stature of a full fledged High School with 382 children on its rolls, recognized both by the University of Cambridge as an A – CERTIFICATE SCHOOL, and by the SSC Board, Pune.

Fr. Savall S.J. gave birth to the school, Fr. Conessa S.J. nursed it for a while, but Fr. More S.J. gave it a culture and a singular aspect, unique in the history of Campion School. The Bombay Campion High School Society – a public trust registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 0n 20/02/1971 and under the Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 on 22/03/1971 with No F-2165 (Bombay); conducted and administered by the Society of Jesus (Jesuits of Bombay).

It started out on a rental ground at 43 Marine Lines with just 23 students. The Education department was not slow to conceive the need of another Anglo-India School in the fort area specially as the only other one Cathedral High School was much too overcrowded and several families in the area were reluctantly compelled to send their children to schools far away from their homes or to Boarding schools outside (then) Bombay. Campion is now located at 13 Campion Road, and has hundreds of students. The school is named after the Jesuit saint, Edmund Campion. Campion’s motto, “Gaudium In Veritate” (joy in truth) – is displayed on the school emblem along with the colors of the three original houses.

The purpose of this school is not merely to impart instruction but to educate the boys as a whole intellectual spiritual physical emotional and social and the formation of an upright citizen and a perfect gentleman of conscience competence compassion and commitment. Special efforts are made to teach students to:

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